Mower Operator

Mower Operator
Part-Time Mower Operator at Buffalo County Highway Department
Available Openings: 1
Apply By: July 12, 2024
Pay Type: Hourly
Compensation: $15
Education Level: High School


- Operate tractor/mower and woodchipper to cut and remove brush from road right-a-ways and bridges on uneven or rough terrain. - Get on and off tractor frequently to move downed tree limbs and other obstacles - Responsible for daily maintenance and cleaning of units - Work with little or no direct supervision - Process and follow work list - Maintain work completion logs and timesheets - Perform other duties as assigned


This position involves the operation and maintenance of a Tractor, brush mower, and a woodchipper. Duties include the operation of the tractor/mower to cut brush and weeds along county road right-always and bridge approaches. Operator must be able to get on and off tractor frequently to pick up and move downed tree limbs. Operator is also responsible for the daily routine maintenance and cleaning of the mower, tractor and chipper. Safety shall be a priority in all activities.

Buffalo County Highway Department

1512 Central Avenue, Room 240
PO Box 1270
Kearney, Buffalo, Nebraka 68847