World-class Healthcare in Central Nebraska

Buffalo County residents and visitors are extremely fortunate to have immediate access to high-quality healthcare. Kearney is home to two major hospitals and the University of Nebraska - Kearney Medical Center, offering the latest technology and compassionate care to be expected from the best systems anywhere. But those same professionals can be found at more than 100 specialty clinics throughout the county.

County leadership has an eye on the future of regional healthcare, as well, evidenced by the planned expansion of Nebraska Medicine to Kearney’s University Village, a 104-acre, mixed-use development. Nebraska Medicine intends to bring a cancer services facility that would provide hematology, infusion, medical and radiation oncology,  surgical oncology consults and other services.


Kearney Regional Medical Center Photo

Kearney Regional Medical Center

CHI Health Good Samaritan Photo

CHI Health Good Samaritan