Buffalo County: A Cost of Living to Brag About!

pané bello bakeryResidents enjoy living in Buffalo County for numerous reasons, but one of the more consistent is the favorable cost of living compared to much of the rest of the country. Families and individuals get more for their money in Buffalo County.

Using Kearney as a representative model, the Cost of Living in Buffalo County was nearly 3% lower than the national average, per Salary.com.  Most notable advantages include

  • transportation costs 18% lower than average
  • housing 25% lower than average
  • food 27% lower than average
  • healthcare 30% lower than average

The Economic Research Institute Cost of Living Index for Kearney was 88% in 2021, or 12% lower than the national average. Kearney presents quite comparably within the state, as Nebraska was 94.7%,  Lincoln 99.9% and Omaha 97%.