Your Resource for Available Properties in Buffalo County

Your Resource for Available Properties in Buffalo County Main Photo

28 Sep 2023


The Development Council for Buffalo County (DCBC), NE, is now your online resource for all available properties in the area! The DCBC’s mission is to facilitate and maintain economic growth and development in the county. One of the ways we are fulfilling this mission is by ensuring that site selectors and business owners have access to in-depth information on all available properties to ensure that they find the perfect location for their business needs!

View Properties Available in Buffalo County Here!

The DCBC has created an online database specifically for this purpose. Site selectors and business owners looking for available property can now view this database, view each available property, and make an informed decision on which property would suit them best. View each available property or site and gather important information such as square footage, location, price, building type, photos, videos, and more! Click here to view the available properties here in Buffalo County today!