Manufacturing Month Highlights Career Opportunities with Facility Tours and Engaging Experiences

Manufacturing Month Highlights Career Opportunities with Facility Tours and Engaging Experiences Main Photo

17 Jan 2024

During Manufacturing Month in October 2023, high school students from Kearney and Pleasanton took part in immersive tours of Chief Agri, BluePrint Engines, and Big Rack Shack, while the University of Nebraska – Kearney's Supply Chain Management (SCM) students participated in separate tours of Buffalo County businesses. These educational opportunities allow students at all levels to learn firsthand about potential manufacturing and supply chain careers.

Manufacturing Tours Spark Enthusiasm for Possible Future Careers

Kearney High School students entered Chief Agri's facility on November 2, 2023. Morning and afternoon tours brought 40 students, fostering a close encounter with manufacturing processes and personnel. Students could ask questions about the daily responsibilities of the job, salary expectations, and how to get a job after graduation.

Simultaneously, Pleasanton High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) students, accompanied by their FFA Sponsor, explored the intricate operations of BluePrint Engines and Big Rack Shack on November 9, 2023. Engaging with manufacturing professionals, these students witnessed the industry's complexities and gained insights that extended beyond the classroom.

These tours weren't mere field trips; they were catalysts for motivation. The firsthand exposure provided these students with a vision beyond the horizon of graduation, inspiring them to fuel their educational journey and embrace the vast array of opportunities awaiting them in the manufacturing sector.

University of Nebraska Kearney's Supply Chain Management (SCM) Program Empowers Students with Real-World Knowledge

The transformative experiences didn't end there. The University of Nebraska – Kearney's SCM program, recognizing the pivotal role of experiential learning, orchestrated comprehensive tours on October 12. From The Buckle to Parker Hannifin, BluePrint Engines, and Cash-Wa Distributing, SCM students delved into the real-world intricacies of supply chain management.

The SCM program's commitment to experiential learning isn't just a philosophy; it's a proven success. With a 100% job placement rate for graduating students and the thriving SCM Champions program, which began in 2017 with four companies donating $4,000 each and has now expanded to include 12 companies donating $5,000 annually, the program stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between education and industry.

Buffalo County Manufacturing Thrives: 68 Companies and 2,799 Employees Reflect the Region's Growing Industrial Landscape

Buffalo County emerges as the fertile ground where these educational initiatives turn into tangible success. With 68 manufacturing companies employing 2,799 individuals, the county is a bustling hub of industrial activity. Leading employers like Parker Hannifin (Baldwin Filters), Eaton Corporation, West Pharmaceutical Services, and BluePrint Engines contribute to the economic picture of Buffalo County and actively participate in programs like SCM Champions and high school tours, affirming their commitment to the growth and development of the local talent pool.

Buffalo County's manufacturing story has unveiled narratives rich in inspiration, dedication, and collaboration. A seamless blend of education and industry forges Buffalo County's manufacturing prowess, unlocking the futures of potential workers for the growing industry.

The Development Council for Buffalo County Helps Build a Homegrown Talent Pipeline

The Development Council for Buffalo County understands the intricate dance between education and industry, leveraging its expertise to provide business and workforce development opportunities. Propelled by educational initiatives that equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the dynamic landscape, the region's manufacturing sector is thriving and growing. Learn more about the resources the Development Council for Buffalo County has to offer business.